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  • Marius84


    Gutenberg developers are trying to impose gutenberg on everyone, despite the waves of negative feedback and growing concerns of the news editors instability. It feels like they are trying to force feed us balut eggs (if you are not familiar to them, they are cooked duck eggs with embryo).

    Anyway, im not against innovation, but i also do not think it is ok to change something good like the old editor made simple and efficient. Gutenberg editor does not consider the needs of people.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    It’s really important to note that not just developers are working on Gutenberg. The old editor isn’t going away and can be accessed here: Gutenberg is designed exactly to match the needs of a lot of users right now can’t use and have a lot of problems with the existing editor. That all said, it’s a product being iterated on. How 5.0 roll out will happen is yet to be decided, it won’t be as unpleasant as you suggest though.



    Unfortunately I have new WP version updates going thru automatically. I would maybe like to hold off on the 5.0 for a week or so to let the yelling die down, and the bugs get sprayed.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg


    @healthy-lawn-dude: Mr Dude, we would love for your site to be as healthy as your lawn!

    As Tammie said, the Gutenberg team has created a plugin that will keep you on the current editor even after your site upgrades to 5.0:

    So you can use that, get many of the benefits of a new core release, and then switch the editor when it suits you. You could wait a week, a month, or all the way to when it’s time for the ryegrass again.

    Karthikeyan KC


    Gutenberg is designed exactly to match the needs of a lot of users right now can’t use and have a lot of problems with the existing editor.

    You guys keep repeating this on all negative reviews here, yet you don’t really tell what those problems are. I don’t see that these people have problems though.

    The entire publishing flow right now doesn’t work as well as it could.

    – Response from this review.

    So clearly, there are problems with the current editor and the publishing flow doesn’t work well as it could. Please tell us what are the problems and how different is the publishing flow with Gutenberg?

    With Gutenberg, if you are just expanding the capabilities of the current editor, why not just leave it as a plugin?



    Just a joint effort toward a particular end which is not exhaustively described.
    Just leave it as plugin. @karthikeyankc it seems we are talking all against a rubber wall.

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    The Gutenberg team is killing the dream of thousands of WordPress lovers by adding such feature in the editor. Please keep the Gutenberg plugin as it is now. Don’t add it to the default, please. We love our current classic so much for its awesome simplicity.

    Kind Regards

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