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  • Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Okay, thanks! I’ll fix it.
    Update: Fixed in development version (trunk)

    You’re welcome, there’s more coming — thanks for your hard work.

    Not sure if this is a result of me deleting actual files and folders first — in the current version, if I trash some folders, then either “empty trash” or select all then “delete permanently” – all trashed folders resurrect in the filesystem and appear as published

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Trashing and deleting (multiple) folders is something I’m working on.
    The trashing procedure is quite tricky.
    If a folder has subfolders it will not delete permanently.
    So, if you want to delete multiple folders, the script has to find the deepest subfolder first and start deleting upwards.
    If deleting the folder on your server fails, it will be ‘found as new’ the next time you open the All folders page.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Permanently deleting a single folder should work now (in trunk).
    I’ll test multiple folders/empty trash later.

    Hey, I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but on the widget the tree structure gets added another level which makes all links broken.
    Example: if the gallery folder is /images/ it creates /images/images/image.jpg

    so all images are broken.

    for example the image is in
    but the img source tries to get it on i

    this extra /fotos/ level gets added for all images!

    If I create another folder and move all others to /fotos/ I’m afraid I’ll get the all indexed again as duplicates.
    Please help
    PS Your plugin will solve so many issues large gallery site have! thanks again

    @all please start a new support thread for new issues. It’s easier for others and for me.
    @santiago, Can’t reproduce that (see Do you have a link to an example page?

    please supply a link to your gallery folder.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    If your gallery root folder is wp-content/uploads/fotos/, you have to make a folder in there to show your images.

    I did, I have 83 folders on the /fotos/ folder.

    So I created the folder via ftp, then I installed the plugin and set the as the root, then I uploaded all the folders containig the pictures so the url would be

    but then when the images show they are all broken, as the url for each image is

    If I go to the database and find replace the /fotos/fotos/ for /fotos/ could this problem be solved?

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    I don’t know if the fotos/fotos/ is in your database.
    Would like to see it for myself. I’ll see if I can reproduce this error.

    I just checked the database, all url for the
    wp_postmeta start with fotos/… (all ftp uploaded images are like that)

    so the plugin adds the fotos/ as the root folder and then the media adds the fotos/imagefolder/imagefile

    Just to make it work I’ll replace all fotos/ for nothing, so I can show the images right.

    Just as a note, I installed laziest first, then did an upgrade and it said terrible error or something like that.

    Then I uninstalled the plugin and installed eaziest again ( and deleted folders, and moved folders around, and… everything that could make it go wrong 🙁

    I’m more than willing to give you access to my database or send it to you if it helps!

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    If you’ve got a message like

    Something went terribly wrong in the upgrade process. Please check your settings above.

    You probably had the wrong path to your Gallery. Eazyest Gallery will not import if you don’t set the folder right. This is to prevent you from importing system folders or something like that.
    Please check if your Gallery folder in Eazyest Gallery Settings is wp-content/uploads/fotos/ indeed. If so, removing the fotos/ from all records with meta_key = _wp_attached_file in wp_post_meta could do the trick.
    Also, do you use any other image related plugins?

    yes I use these plugins (have them installed, but don’t use them):
    Bulk Watermark
    Faster Image Insert
    Media Tags
    NextGEN Gallery
    Scissors and Watermark
    Watermark RELOADED (deactivated)

    the gallery folder is wp-content/uploads/fotos/

    I’m trying to replace the /fotos/ in the database, either I kill my website or fix the problem. Hope it’s the second one.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Maybe those plugins interfere with Eazyest Gallery, because EZG has a different way of storing images. But it hey are not activated, the problem lies somewhere else.

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