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    I have a site that uses

    if is_category(array(x,x,x,x)) {
    include stuff;
    else {
    include something else;

    more or less.

    After upgrading to the latest version, I am getting this error for those lines:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘(‘ in /path to index file of this site

    where it is referring to the first is_category(array()) line

    I cannot see that another ( is required in that line per the documentation for conditionals… am I wrong?

    Is there another way to approach this? My if/ifelse/else code is more complex, but I am keeping it simple for this example… I’ve simplified it in the page and still get that error, so..

    The actual code:

    if is_category(array(9,10,14,15,16,25,27,28,33,67)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-chartus.php');
    elseif is_category(array(12,29,34,59)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-ondeck.php');
    elseif is_category(array(21,22,23,24,30)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-building.php');
    elseif (is_category(34)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-captain.php');
    elseif (is_category(44)) {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-crew.php');
    else {
    include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/branding-default.php');

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  • OKAY, it’s like I finally ask here and then I figure it out. Oh well… if that works, then thanks for the help! 🙂

    The issue was that it needed (is_category(array(x,x,x,x))) {

    someone should update the documentation to indicate that like other conditionals, the parentheses are required around the is_category part, tool…

    It says:

    When any Category archive page is being displayed.
    When the archive page for Category 9 is being displayed.
    is_category(‘Stinky Cheeses’)
    When the archive page for the Category with Name “Stinky Cheeses” is being displayed.
    When the archive page for the Category with Category Slug “blue-cheese” is being displayed.

    I see that farther down, in an example, it’s used correctly. Oddly, this didn’t cause any problems in an earlier version of WP, only now after updating to the 2.7x version.

    I had same problem, but in-category fixed it.
    My current code is like that:

    if ( in_category('3') ) {
    include 'promo_1.php';
    } elseif ( in_category('4') ) {
    include 'promo_2.php';

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