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  • I am limited to using Internet Explorer 6. I have found that I am unable to create or edit a blog entry.
    I have looked through the forums for a clue as to why, but cannot find anything.
    Can anyone give me a tip?


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  • what do you mean by : unable to create or edit a blog entry

    problem related to installation ? or login ? wordpress work perfectly on all browsers

    Moderator James Huff


    Do you see any error messages?

    Thanks. I am not seeing any error messages. It doesn’t seem to work well when I use the press it button I put on my links tool bar. And when I have a post already created, I cannot go into my admin and, for example, select a new category for the entry. Also, if I have an entry saved as a draft, I cannot make any edits and then post it.


    One more note on this. I am unable to make edits to my blog posts at work or at home if I use IE6 either place.
    The same is not true when I use Firefox at home.


    hmmmm. A bit twilight zone-ish.

    I use all browsers to check and even create posts for my web and I’ve had no issue with wordpress or creating/editing posts. Today I’m using IE6.

    You mentioned FF. Do you have working versions of other browsers on your PC at home? Does this occur in other browsers (besides FF)?

    If you don’t have other working browsers, you can download them – free of charge – to check your site for visual correctness.

    Hi all. I thought I would come back to this. I checked my permissions last night and made sure that I could make changes to my blog ( in Firefox. Everything was fine.
    Today, I tried to edit a post in IE6 at work and in IE6 at home. In both cases, the edit did not take. I also cannot create a new post from either computer, but I can create new posts from Firefox at home. What am I doing wrong? I really want to be able to post and edit posts from myh work computer.


    As to the work computer, what sort of restrictions are imposed by your IT department? That might be problematic in that particular instance.

    As far as your home computer and IE, you’d be in the best position to say what restrictions you might have placed on the browser that are now interfering.

    I can post, edit, change categories, etc. from IE, FF (4 versions), and Opera (4 versions). It would seem to be something specific to your setups.

    Thanks. What sort of restrictions would interfere? WordPress works from a server, so I should be able to make corrections whereever, right?
    As for my home IE, what sort of restrictions would need to be changed? Maybe I have the same restrictions on my work IE.


    Greg, I absolutely can’t tell you since I NEVER mess with that piece of crap otherwise known as IE. I use it ONLY to check web design ON MY LOCAL SERVER – where it can’t get into any trouble, or provide lovely little surprises for me….

    I simply remember that the IT guy the last place I worked had a bunch of stuff disabled in IE – like java and js, scripts of any sort like the stuff media player runs…. I don’t know, he did gobs of disabling just to keep the backroom idiots from doing porn etc. at work….

    There’s others here who use IE. Perhaps they’ll have some thoughts for you.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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