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Internal Server Error

  • i have no idea why i am getting this error- i have contacted my host provider- they dont know. I looked at my error log- it says file does not exist? But all my wp are up on the server- so any ideas?

    could it be my hosting company- they are one of those super cheap ones- does it make a difference who you use?


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  • What file ?
    Where is your blog ?
    Was it working then it broke ?

    yes, so sorry- just feelign very frazzeled-information here woudl be good.

    this file is my blog page and in addition my admin page does not come up: http://www.wicklowdesigns.com/wordpress/

    bu this page does come up: http://www.wicklowdesigns.com/

    and yes it was working and then it was not, and then briefly it cam back and now it has been down for about an hour


    If it works, and then it does not, then it does, email your host and enquire as to when they will stop playing games and fix their server 🙂

    would you recommend i go with a different provider. iam using https://www.ehostpros.com/ they were recommended and they were cheap- maybe too cheap?


    Error 500 is usually caused by server problems or incorrectly setup scripts. Most of the time, it is server problem.

    You may want to check if there are any permission setting problems or existance of .htaccess file in the WP directory or root directory.

    what would the .htaccess file be a problem? I did have one there, I thought that was needed for SSI files? Interestingly enought, i went to go find it on my server- and it was not there and I did not remove it- and when i tried to load it up again- it wont let me…


    i also meant to add that the .htaccess file was in the root directory of my site, not in the WP folder.


    htaccess is just a text file use to control the access to the pages in a directory. It is not for SSI files.

    I once enter the wrong command in the htaccess file and got lock out of my admin page. After removing the file, everything is back to normal.

    Some FTP client do not display htaccess file by default. If you are using WS_FTP, you can enter the command “-al” to show the htaccess file.

    Give it a try and keep us posted.

    i also meant to add that the .htaccess file was in the root directory of my site, not in the WP folder.

    htaccess file in the root directory will affect ALL directories and files in the root.

    i am using cute ftp- i can not see the file- nor can i figure out to display it so i can delete it.

    I always thought you needed the htaccess file for ssi- if i did not have it, then those files that genereated my copyright or nav systems would not show up- thanks for the info!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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