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  • So I downloaded WordPress and clicked to open – was not asked to unzip anything.
    Clicked on the folder and got wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes
    I went to the readme page and saw the “Famous 5 minute install” This told me to unzip the folder? There was no zipped folder to unzip. Next it told me to click on the wp-admin/install.php file. So I clicked on wp-admin selected the instal.php file but my computer would not open this fie so I had to download a programme to read php files
    I was then able to open the file and what I found was several pages of computer code
    So, far from opening WordPress in the famous five minutes, I have been trying for well over an hour to do just that
    Any ideas?

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    Where are you trying to install WP? Have you set up a server environment?


    Thank you very much for this
    All I am trying to do is to build a new website. I bought a template from Envato but it turned out that this was really from Themeforest. I downloaded a whole bunch of folders containing about a hundred other files and folders but could not do anyhting with them. Went back to Envato who just told me it was nothing to do with them – ask Themeforest, they said. Still waiting to hear from them. Anyway it seems that I cannot use or access the template without first downloading WordPress and I cannot do that which is why I am here. I am very grateful to you for your advice but, unfortunately, I think it would be well beyond my competence to follow it.
    I remain completely and utterly baffled as to why I have had to spend a whole day just trying to access a website template that I have paid for and to download the “Famous install in 5 Minutes” WordPress. – Utterly exhausted with it all!!

    Actually I think I had better give up on this. All I wanted to do was to use a template which I had paid for in order to create a website and then upload it but is seems that this is not something that can be done easily.
    Quite frankly I have no idea what a server environment is. I have no idea what a MySQL database is or where to get one. I don’t even know what an FTP client is.
    Thanks for your help anyway.
    I presume I have to have a website all set up and running before I build it?

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    You need someplace to run your website, either locally on your PC (using something like XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP) or “in the cloud” on one of the many hosting sites.

    There are some basics you seem to be missing. This is a guide to starting from scratch:

    Hope that helps

    Thank you very much for your help



    Actually I think I had better give up on this.

    @notrepla72 I wouldn’t give up yet. For the record Envato and Themeforest are the same company and in general, a reputable company to deal with for commercial products.

    If you want to run your own WordPress site, you will need hosting. We have a list of recommended hosts. Once you purchase hosting, most hosts have a “One Click Installer” that will install WordPress for you and then you can add your the new theme you purchased. You can even add a free plugin to keep your site private while you fill it with content.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Very helpful, Keith
    Thank you very much
    I will have another go!
    Best wishes

    So, if you have a website address with hosting and you have downloaded a template from WordPress, how do you install the template. Do you do it from the host, in this case, GoDaddy or do you do it from WordPress
    I tried following the WordPress instructions which said
    1. Unzip the package from THemeforest – Fine – no problem
    2. In unzipped folder you will find a folder named ” Kute- Boutique theme” and 2 archives: “Kute-” file and “Sample Data” Oh no you wont find any of those files – there is a folder Boutique Theme and in there you find two folders with similar names but nt the one they tell you to find
    Why is it that this always happens? you can never follow the instructions without getting to a point where what they tell you to do you cannot do?
    So, I am none the wiser and something which should be reasonably easy becomes impossible!!



    @notrepla72 You would go into your WordPress admin panel. Then goto Appearance > Themes. Click upload theme and browse to the Kute- file and upload it. SOMETIMES themes are too large to upload due to limits imposed by your host and in that case you will need to ask the theme developer for assistance because it is a commercial theme and they will be best suited to assist you.

    Apologies for delayed response…I just realized you got stuck on how to install your theme 🙂

    This is very helpful and informative. Thank you!
    It is my first time here in WordPress.



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    Too. Thank you!

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