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    I’m have an issue while installing this plugin
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function simplexml_load_file() in /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/includes/class-wp-installer.php:762 Stack trace: #0 /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/includes/class-wp-installer.php(70): WP_Installer->load_repositories_list() #1 /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/includes/class-wp-installer.php(40): WP_Installer->__construct() #2 /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/includes/functions-core.php(3): WP_Installer::instance() #3 /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/installer.php(16): WP_Installer() #4 /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/loader.php(123): include_once(‘/var/ in /data/www/essaytopwriters.com/wp-content/plugins/types/vendor/otgs/installer/includes/class-wp-installer.php on line 762

    Host with PHP7

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I get no such error when I install the latest Toolset Types 2.2.23 from this link:

    Can you try again to download it?
    If this issue persist, I will need the steps to replicate it.

    1. What other plugins do I need to replicate this?
    2. With what theme does it happen?
    3. Others


    Other plugins:
    advanced custom fields
    breadcrumbs navxt
    theme check

    Theme custom written

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    I think this is due to the Custom Theme – probably it does not declare a proper theme name or Similar.
    There where similar issues in past, where if the theme (or a plugin) missed to pass a default information it failed with a similar error.

    That problem however is not in Types, it would be fixed in the theme or plugin passing the wring name (and we added checks to avoid the failure just in case)

    So this should not happen – and I cannot replicate this, as with custom themes it’s complex, they are all different.

    Can you replicate this on a clean install?
    What of those plugins or theme makes the issue happen?

    It based on Underscores base theme. For now it’s work fine with archives version of your plugin from 2016 year.

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    I will need some more details here.

    I cannot replicate an issue based on a possible conflict with a custom theme.

    Please read my reply here:

    Can you replicate this on a clean install?
    What of those plugins or theme makes the issue happen?

    When we can narrow down what part is creating the issue, we may even be able to narrow down the exact feature that provokes it, later.


    I just tried installing on a clean install and had the same issue. The solution was to install php-xml before activating plugin.

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    I understand, then this was a server issue.

    I think that is enabled by default usually?
    Please as well have a look here for other required modules and libraries:

    I came across this problem as well, it was a server configuration issue.

    To correct, my server manager installed PHP-xml. PHP-xml needs to be configured to the same php version your site is running on, the exact same version. When we first installed it it was running on PHP 7.0, but the site was on 7.1.

    Now it seems to be running well, hope this helps someone!

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    Sounds like spam

    Please be more precise and open your own thread @odimexy if you want my help.


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