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    there has to be some kind of person to person help. here goes, I have my own online magazine . I had a webmaster but she is no longer able to volunteer her time. The magazine is a non profit organization so I have to do this on my own. I went to the zip file and renamed it. There is no save option but there is an open option however, I dont know what else to do. It says in the instructions about my webserver, I dont know who what where when or how. For something that takes five minutes it is really not.
    Please help me.

    I know nothing about php or mysql, yet by following those directions above I managed to get it to work.

    If you have any problems, stop back by and the folks here will help you.

    <i>For something that takes five minutes it is really not.</i>

    It takes five minutes when one has knowledge of their server and stuff (no offense). You say you don’t know “who what where when or how.” Can you log into your website, like FTP or cPanel? Or some other sort of admin control?

    You dont know what your server settings are so you can install WordPress on your site?? You will have to have these settings in order to setup WordPress…. atleast your database settings.

    ok I went into my cpanel. I named the things. Now I have to do the next step about text editor which I have no idea at all.
    I know, I know, how can I have my online magazine and not know these things? I ask myself the same thing every time I have to do some techie stuff. But I can get into my cpanel however that was never said before until someone here posted that link. THANK YOU FOR THAT LINK!
    Now I have to know if I have a favorite text editor.

    So you should have the name of your MySQL database, the name of the user, and the user’s password. Open the wp-config-sample.php and fill this information in where the instructions tell you to, replacing the stuff in ‘single quotes’ with your information, keeping the ‘single quotes’.

    Then just follow the rest of the steps in the 5-minute install. The 5-minute install sort of assumes that you know, or at least know how to get, your database and MySQL info. I guess that’s not such a valid assumption now that so many non-techish people are beginning to use WordPress.

    If you’re on a Windows system, Notepad should suffice. I can’t really say much about Linux or Mac, though.

    My first time installing WordPress was quite the experience. I had no prior experience with databases and such. The only other system I had used before was MovableType, and even then, I didn’t fully set it up on my own. My friend did most of it. When I first installed WordPress, I followed the instructions included, and it turned out amazingly well. I was quite confused at first, but I just followed them step by step.

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    CPanel, you say? You may find these installation instructions to be more comprehensive:

    For text-editors, see this list:

    I opened the wp config sample php and renamed it like it said but once it is renamed you cant save it. It has the option to open it and when I tried to open it it said that that file doesnt exist and do I want to create one.
    So I think I am doing something wrong in this area.

    I went to notepad and found the wp config thingy but when I opened it all these weird symbols came out. then i found another one in notepad and it said that it couldnt find it.

    How were you editing it before? I’m not sure what happened to make the file get all corrupted like that. You should just open wp-config-sample.php in Notepad or some other plain text editor (NOT Word), fill in the info, and then use File>Save As to change its name to wp-config.php.

    according to you have to rename it. I did that but when I did that it said that that file doesn’t exist and do I want to create a file. but according to you what you just posted I should open the sample.php in notepad and change it there. Is that correct?

    What I did (and this worked for me) was open wp-config-sample.php in Notepad, I changed the information, then I went to File>Save As and saved it as wp-config.php. That created a new file called wp-config.php for me with the proper information, and wp-config-sample.php was left alone. I just did it this way so that in case I messed up, I would have the original to go back to.

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