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  • Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Please don’t spam the forums.


    If you consider my post to be spam and you are a moderator, please feel free to delete it.

    The post was my honest attempt to share my experiences with installing and customizing WordPress.

    Over the last couple of weeks, I have spent many hours working with WordPress as a possible platform for my web site. As a WordPress Newbie, I felt my experiences would be useful to other forum members.

    Calling the post spam is not very helpful. This was my first post to WordPress, and I certainly didn’t expect such a comment. A constructive comment would have been more helpful. For example, you could have explained why you thought this is spam so that I could avoid the same mistake in the future.

    Did you read my article? Some constructive comments about that would have been more welcome. Again, I am not a WordPress guru but just someone interested in learning about WordPress and sharing my experiences.

    I am very enthusiastic about the new WordPress release but perhaps the forum is not the correct place to express that.

    Should our forum posts be limited to just asking and answering questions?

    I would like to be a contributor to the WordPress community as I have to forums for other platforms. Perhaps you could indicate the most appropriate way to do this?

    Royce Tivel

    I believe hallsofmontezuma was referring to the other two topics you started that were essentially the same subject. I deleted those topics earlier.

    Contributing_to_WordPress might be useful for you.

    Welcome to WordPress and thank you for the tutorial.


    Thank you for your quick response.

    I tried to think of the best place to make my post. Since the article I linked to was “How to Install and Style WordPress 2.5,” I was at a loss as to the best place to post. The article is about installing and theming and is also a “How to.”

    Here was my problem: I thought the article would be of interest to those who are installing WordPress AND/OR those who were styling or theming WordPress. Thus, the multiple posts. You notice that I only posted in the forums that seemed to be appropriate for the article’s content and not to every forum (just 3).

    What would you suggest as the best place for the post? Perhaps you could move it there?

    I hate spam too and want to avoid even the hint of spam in my future posts.

    I appreciate your help.

    Royce Tivel

    Sorry, I missed that–now moved to the Installation Forum.

    Thanks and will look forward to seeing you here in the Forums.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso


    Someone who has never posted, then all of a sudden has 3 posts in different forums linking to his site… this sets off spam flags for everyone.
    No forum likes that.


    I understand now and I certainly do not mind a warning. I will be more careful about how I post in the future.


    The best place for it is right there on your own blog. If I’m Googling for such information, and your site is set up properly, I’ll find it. So will Google.

    Another great way to contribute to WP, to “give back” as it were, is to take some of your writings and help with the documentation. Your blog post is a great start. There are a lot of Codex articles that could use some expansion and cleaup.


    Thanks for your comments. I have a lot more to read at WordPress.


    Actually, Royce, I’d like permission to link to your excellent post from my web site. Let me know. (Email info is in my profile.)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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