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  • Hi All,
    two parts to this question … well, maybe just one.
    Do I first have to ftp an image from my ‘puter to “images” on the site side before I can get it to work in the insert/edit tool?

    If that’s not necessary, what do I use for a URL in the insert/edit box?

    In other site builders I’ve just used the browse function to find my pic in My Pictures, then opened it. Have I missed something in WordPress?


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  • Hi Gene,

    I’m working with WP 2.5.1, and I do not have to upload an image to my server before inserting it into a post or page. When I go to Write -> Post or Write -> Page, there is an area underneath where you add the title that says Add Media and has an icon for inserting an image, a video, music, etc. If you click on the first icon on the left, a window will open where you can choose a file to upload by browsing your hard drive. WP will upload it automatically at this point. Hope that helps.

    Thanks All for the input.
    The media box keeps giving me an “HTTP Error” warning.
    I notice the browse box doesn’t allow me to choose JPEG file, just “all files”. I even changed the title of the picture to xxxx.jpg. Doesn’t work.

    On the media box there is also a message to “try again later.”

    Wassup Bruddah?
    Any thoughts on this?


    Gene Again,
    Oh yeah, I tried other pics also, on the off chance that my original pic was screwed (Pic from CC on Flickr), but got the same results.


    I could use some help and not sure where to post this. I upload an image using the ADD IMAGE button. I put it where I want in a post, and all is good except that I’d like to set the margins when I upload it. However, I can’t. SO…. I save the post and then I go in to edit it with the Image Edit button (the tree). I save my changes and look at it the post again – they look great. Then I save the post and poof! The changes are gone. I have made sure that my directories have permissions but it doesn’t matter – they never save. What gives? Does anyone know?

    @ thedarkduchess
    You should start a new support request for your concern. In your post, please try and further elaborate on the following:
    When you say you click save, do you mean you click Publish? Or do you actually just click on Save. Save will not Publish the article, so it will not appear on your site until it’s published. Or do you mean that regardless of whether you click to publish or save, it’s not even saving the changes to your post?

    @ aparachitt
    That is not the ONLY source of the problem, so it’s not necessarily going to help Gene Belmont. I had the same problem and it did not work for me.

    @ Gene Belmont
    I recommend working your way through the tips in this Stick post. Let us know how you go with those options, but don’t bother asking for further help until you’ve exhausted ALL of those tips to fix your error 😉 (In the nicest possible way). Let us know how you go! 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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