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    I’m thinking of creating a Brand DB list and I want to configure some topics and not all of them. I intended to do linked to international (not so focus on local map or location search). So I have some questions:

    1. Is it possible to do a full table layout setup? I mean to set up the display information on each column, and every line will have different brands. Also, we should be able to set up the number of fields by page (20, 50, 100, 200)

    3. In these listings is there a possibility to add categories or hashtags for topics related to that brand list? (so people will find product type tag or category according to what they search and not the location)

    4. Is there a possibility to create a space with annual voting for each brand on the DB, for each company? And at the same time have a global cumulative vote (of all the years).

    5. Also another field “where to buy?” .. just inside a list of places to people that need something can buy in that website list (according to country)

    6. Would be interesting if, in some way, we can connect to those brands’ official social networks to check the Number of Fans / Followers by each brand. So we also can rank them.

    Maybe you don’t have these options… so I hope can be developed because will be new ideas 🙂 Please let me know if you will have these options, PM/Poke me!

    Thank you

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  • Hi there,

    Thank you for bringing forward these requests.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have these features in our current version of the plugin.

    Although we love the idea, we aren’t able to add it to our development calendar at this point due to competing priorities. If or when that changes, we’ll reach out with more information.

    Thank you,
    Smriti Chaturvedi

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