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  • After I successfully activated this plugin, then changed some of its settings, I experienced a blank white screen. I deleted the plugin and its database fields, reinstalled the plugin. After activation, I experienced the same thing. It seems to be expelling this string xapi_geofence_callback? after my website url followed by by lat and long coordinates. Is there something else I need to delete in order to make this plugin work again? I’ve already tried turning off Geolocation in my browser.

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  • I also encountered the same phenomena, but there are no reply yet…
    So I deleted this plugin.

    Ok. I set the setting for this plugin to geofence and now the loop just runs and I can’t log in. Is there another way to delete this plugin?

    Plugin Author Project Ingeborg


    Sorry for the late (public) reply.

    All you have to do is this:
    1. Go to the settings page in your wordpress backend. Here you have to activate geofences (checkbox), enter a geofence url (somelike “geo” or “locate” or whatever you want) and set a “not found url”. This is the url that will show up if the user is not within a geofence.
    2. Now go to the tags page and select ” auto generate missing geofence urls”. This will generate a url for all of your tags.

    That’s it. If you now visit http://<URL-OF-YOUR-PINGEB.ORG-SITE>/<GEOFENCE-URL&gt; (in our case this is on your mobile device (gps should be activated) and if you are inside a geofence you should get redirected to the assigned wordpress page. Otherwise you will be redirected to the “not found url”.
    If this does not work check if your phone locates you correctly with Google Maps or so or you can also set a higher geofence radius on the tags page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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