• This product does an incredible job of providing me with visitor analytic data, real-time, hourly, daily, and monthly statistics, referral code tracking for analytic data on every inbound link we have, which is critical to know which campaigns are performing best, page by page performance statistics, and so much more I can’t even quantify it all.

    When a visitor on our site, we can follow them with a heatmap and get inciteful data about where their mouse and eyes move throughout the page, helping us to learn how our content is organized.

    We can better test the mobile responsiveness of every page as we are given not only visitor IP addresses, but desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet, operating system, os version, browser, browser version, whether they are connected to a cat5 or wireless connection, powered or battery (and how much battery the user currently has), and so much more data so we can learn about who our visitors and customers are, when they visit, how long they visit, and a complete history of how they navigated from a landing page to other pages on our site, and how long they were on every page.

    The amount of information that we get from hitsteps, for general visitor information and also for specific referral marketing tracking information is indispensable to my company.

    As with any other good product, you begin with free version with understandable feature limitations, and move up from there.

    I have also received great support on the product without problematic language barriers and delays. Great support and my suggestions have been very well received also. This is a great company to work with.

    Final review: Outstanding value!

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