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  • Just a thought, who is going to pay them to sift through the documentation and correct it?

    In any case, for future reference, it should not take two hours to find a function. Ten seconds is more like it. On my platform I use “ack-grep”:

    Alternatively if you have a decent text editor like “sublime” you’ll find it has a “find in files” function that will search a directory, list where it finds it, rather brilliantly seems to put the function defnition first in the list, and with one click takes you to it.

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Thanks for the vote of confidence, whitelamp! You hit on something really spot-on for us – we’re a small team of quite limited resources, with much of the time contributed to the open source project done as a matter of contribution, not a matter of payroll. Documentation, beyond internal doc blocks, is certainly an area that gets booted to the bottom of the list, for better or worse. And your advice is spot-on, developers using any software project will always actually be best served by searching the core docs.

    That said – dan_ctow, I totally get your frustration here. While I disagree with the sentiment that we don’t care to be contacted unless we’re paid for it (you’ll see us respond here quite often, in fact) – we certainly have room for improvement on our documentation.

    If you have anything, as a developer, that you think would be helpful – we’re totally open for feedback! We’re in the middle of discussions, actually, on how we might make our docs site much more useful for people like yourself. Any real feedback you have would be invaluable.

    Justin, you’re welcome.

    As for documentation and support – I found the old forum system preferable as it allowed me to concentrate my efforts on my niche areas (payment systems, back-end code) and ignore the questions about e.g. presentation and theming. But that’s by the by.

    Have you considered a wiki?

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Great question. We’re considering lots of options, actually.

    One thing I’d actually love is a site that had a starting foundation of automated documentation reference (not unlike And then, on top of that, we could add and relate tutorials and examples to each filter/class, etc.

    Another option is something slightly closer to what we have now on the docs site, but using a different/better theme, like this – but keeping it up to date.

    Part of the wiki concept that we’d be dealing with is kind of the same issue you see in the Codex – ensuring quality and best practices. That’s one of the reasons we haven’t been super sold on it yet.

    Would welcome any thoughts you have on the matter!


    Maybe I was a little harsh and I apoligise for that however it is quite frustrating when you cannot get hold of a developer beacuse they appear to make the effort to conceal contact details on their websites (aside from your “Premium Support”), I was actually quite surprised that you replied so soon as this is often not the case.

    Anyway, providing no documentation at all is better than bad documentation and alongside Whitelamp, I would suggest something like a Wiki. I can’t imagine that there would be too many bad contributions to it however, you are right. You will need to but a small amount of time into quality control.

    Anything I can do to help?




    Thank you for the feedback. We hear you honest we do. We are very aware our docs site is outdated at best. Justin has brought up several great points as why we have not moved in any one direction yet. Rather than waste more time starting with something that doesn’t work and having to shift again we are in somewhat of a holding pattern with it.

    The major issue of anything open such as a forum or wiki is quality and spam control. Spam became a monstrous problem with our old forums and docs site. Fake users would sign up and then post spam.

    Please understand we most definetly are looking to resolve many things we consider long overdue.

    We always appreciate feedback and thank you for your understanding.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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