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  • No i did not reach out to support
    No I did not pay for pro version of this plugin

    I logged in and saw that I had to manually enter each URL I needed redirection on and that was all the evidence I needed to know this developer doesn’t comprehend “user experience”.

    If a user logs on to google’s search consul to find out they have 100 PLUS 404 URLs they are not going to want to add these URLs one at a time. If a user was recently hacked and now has 69,000 page 404s they do not want to add them one at a time.

    If this developer was any good there would be an API option to attach this to your search consule to import all the 404 URLs for you so that all a user would have to do is scroll and review. after review click a button to perform an action. Instead this developer doesn’t understand the rest of us aren’t coders and what may be easy for him would take others days maybe even weeks to figure it out because they wouldn’t even know what the right verbiage is to type into google.

    So thank you for designing a plugin that can be best summed up as “hope you have a lot of free time to waste as you enter one url at a time.

    And if there is an option to fix more than one URL at a time maybe you should develop your plugin so that option is easier to find. Remember not all users are programmers, developers or coders.

    This plugin should have worked like this:

    click some button that would scan website for 404s
    provide list of 404s with bulk action options
    click some button to perform bulk actions.

    Simple, quick, easy. Instead you chose illogical, cumbersome and time consuming because you put no thought into your design at all. You were singularly focused instead of group focused

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    Wow. Just… wow. Thumbs up for being so… great.

    I appreciate the 5 stars, but I must entirely disagree with the rest of the review.

    You’ve made very broad statements based on little knowledge of the plugin, along with the assumption that it should do exactly what you want.

    Let’s go through some of your statements:

    – There is no pro version, it’s entirely free.
    – Yes, it doesn’t connect to Google Search Console. But it doesn’t advertise itself as doing this. I am confused as to why you are complaining about something it is not designed to do
    – You can import URLs in bulk using the import/export feature. It will also work for your 69,000 URLs that are a result of a hacked site
    – The plugin is not designed to scan for 404s. This is very much not what the plugin is about. You can find other services to do that
    – I am very aware that people using this plugin are not programmers, and it does not make any assumptions that they are. Some features do require knowledge of the subject, though. Sorry. That’s just how it is. Note that I am not a designer and have limited time. Did I mention that it’s a free plugin?

    So, to summarise your thoughts, I am:
    – illogical
    – don’t comprehend user experience
    – have put no thought into this
    – assume everyone is a programmer
    – do not understand what people want the plugin for
    – am no good at being a developer

    That’s great. I’m so glad I spend my free time to disappoint you. Meanwhile I will focus on continuing to support the 1 million+ users who do find the plugin useful.

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