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  • Just letting anyone who creates themes for download know that this site is snagging themes from creator’s sites and offering them for download. They snagged a few of mine. I offer a few themes from my own site free for noncommercial use under the CC license. Problem is this site has grabbed my theme files and now offers them for download on this adsense site so this site is profiting off my themes as well as themes created by other people. No one asked my permission to do this, though I was notified after the fact. I requested removal of my themes from the list. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re removed.

    The site is icravewordpress dot com.

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    Not only did this person not remove my themes, he sent me back a snotty reply.

    Y’all might wanna see if he’s highjacked your themes and drop his webhost,, a line. He also has some files at and is in direct violation of their TOS.

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    *update* After having files booted off MediaFire he got around to removing my stuff, but not until we had some further words.

    So what’s his excuse for “having words” with the theme author and her copyrighted specifically limited licensed themes?

    and I am afraid there are more people like him.

    take a look at this site. they take themes from other people and add a footer link at the bottom and release in their website.

    I am not sure if the owner of this site, actually got the permission from the theme authors.

    heres another one you might want to keep an eye on…

    http://themebot. com

    I dont know what criteria this site is using, if any, as to what doesnt get posted. about.html is an interesting read though .. maybe someone would like to follow up on this:

    Themebot gives back 10% of adclick revenue and donations to each open source platform featured on the website. ThemeBot likes open source!

    Oh my god.

    they have all of my themes in there. but they never asked for permission.


    sadish, themebot?

    I only found the site because of this:

    links in his profile.

    thanks whoami, i just posted in that thread. lets see.


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    Oh, lovely. More thieves. Luckily they haven’t found me yet.

    His excuse was that he was giving me free advertising and I should be grateful. What an a$$hat. Oh, and then he told me he wasn’t ever going to send me any theme work. I’m so upset! I betcha I’m missing out on $0!


    Oy…. lovely little twinkie.

    stop your crying, you people act as if your themes are so different from anyone elses themes ha ha got news for you, there is not one theme that hasn’t been taken (inspired – crook terminology) from another theme, stop trying to think you invented something new you haven’t, you only have so much space on a page and chances are whatever design one thought up someone else already did too so you can’t really ever claim 100% ownership.

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