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  • Resolved Manuel Freund


    Thanks a lot for that great theme. I installed it yesterday and started to customize it more. I wanted to replace the Icons next to the post type-headlines as well (class “icon32”) and managed to do it like that:

    jQuery('#icon-index.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-dashboard icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-edit.icon32-posts-post').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-th-large icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-upload.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-picture icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-link-manager.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-link icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-edit-pages.icon32-posts-page').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-file icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-edit-comments.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-comment icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-edit.icon32-posts-portfolio').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-th-large icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-wpcf7.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-edit icon-large"></i></div> ');
        jQuery('#icon-edit-news.icon32').replaceWith('<div style="font-size:22px;" class="icon32"><i class="icon-envelope-alt icon-large"></i></div> ');

    I’m wondering though if you plan to include this in one of your next versions of the theme yourself and if their is a more elegant/professional way to do this.

    Also I wanted to ask you if you know why the menu icons in the collapsed menu don’t get replaced. Do you plan to fix it?


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  • Plugin Author Aristeides Stathopoulos



    I’ve began a complete rewrite of this plugin for WordPress 3.5
    WordPress 3.5 has a few changes in the administration styling that make the current version incompatible so instead of writing patches I decided to start over and make it better (hopefully a lot better)…

    I will not publish another version for WP 3.4, so you’ll just have to be patient about an update (December 5).

    I’d be glad to include the improvements you provided, thank you!
    And yes, The collapsed menu icons will be fixed.

    If you have any suggestions about the next version I’d be more than happy to hear them out!

    Thank you so much for fixing the collapsed menu icons in 1.0.3. I tried to get it done myself yesterday and it was driving me nuts.

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