• Bought the plugin in Nov. 21 and it seemed stable but when I updated plugins 2/22 things got ugly. Two other plugins stopped working correctly. After searching for problems for an hour or more I just deactivating the Icegram plugin. Immediately the other plugins went back to performing properly. When contacting Icegram all I got was a run around about the other plugins and that they needed access to my site to review issues. Never will give access to 3rd party company. I asked for a refund and even a partial refund after they said only refunds are offered 30 days from purchase date. NO REFUNDS- I deleted their plugin! Wasted 199.00!!

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  • Plugin Contributor Asmi Patel


    Hi @puravida1,

    It’s unfortunate you experienced difficulties with our plugin.

    A few clarifications:

    – We test our plugins with many popular WordPress plugins. But it’s impossible for any developer to test with all premium/custom plugins.

    – When developers can’t reproduce a problem someone reports, it’s a common practice to request access to the WordPress admin to diagnose the problem. If someone does not agree to provide that access, developers can’t find/solve the problem. It’s like refusing a doctor to examine you to diagnose a problem – she can’t diagnose without examination.

    – Even when problems are in other plugins, we’ve gone beyond the call of duty to fix them. Hundreds of other reviews here are a testimony of the effort we put in customer support.

    – Our 30 day refund policy is clearly mentioned on our site. We even make exceptions at times if the problem is due to our plugin. But in this case, we can’t even ascertain what the problem is. So we couldn’t provide a refund.

    – We’re still happy to solve the problem you’re facing.

    Thank you.

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