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    Love the plugin, thanks for the good work.

    I have a multi-site where the main site is https and the sub-sites are non secure http. When I use the shortcode [site-directory] to input the map, the all links provided are secure, even though all WordPress settings for my sub-sites are correctly pointing to the non secure link.

    I guessed this may have something to do with the get_site_permalink or get_site_url in includes/functions.php so changed it to get_home_url, but no change.

    Are you able to help me?

    Thanks for reading

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  • Plugin Author Meitar


    This sounds like a bug in WordPress core because this plugin doesn’t store or retrieve site URLs itself, but let me look into it to make sure. What version of WordPress core are you using?

    Hi Meitar, thanks for getting back to me.

    Recently upgraded to 4.8, however I noticed this in 4.7, just didn’t get round to questioning it.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    Okay, I’ll test on both versions then. I can’t say exactly when I will get to this but please pester me if I go radio silent for more than a few days.

    Your time is appreciated. I’ll set a reminder to give you a poke next week, if I don’t hear back from you.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    @jrwstevenson It’s not a bug, apparently, it’s just how WordPress works. I’ll be adding support for the scheme parameter in this plugin’s get_site_permalink() wrapper function, but you will still be responsible for altering your template such that you correctly select HTTP for your sub-sites and HTTPS for your main site, depending on which site’s permalink you are linking.

    Excellent! Thank you. I like to learn something new every day, and you have provided today’s newly acquired knowledge.

    I look forward to the next update.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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