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  • Hi Steven,

    How are you!

    Bother you again, I change my website to another server host with SSL/TLS function, I have to access the web by https protocol, here is the problem,
    after adding the SimpleViewer Gallery in the page,
    eg. [simpleviewer gallery_id=”15″ ],

    in Galleries manager it shows like this:
    Page/Post Title——————Gallery Title——–View Page/Post
    Page/post does not exist.——Gallery15 ———-Page/post does not exist.

    And in the front page, it seems that the program can load the thumnail, but it shows “X” instead of image. you can refer to the URL:

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  • Steven


    The ‘Page/post does not exist.’ messages are generated because the Post ID in your gallery’s XML file is ‘0’. Perhaps your old database data did not get transferred in the move to your new host.

    The ‘X’s in your gallery seems to be caused by a Flickr issue.
    If I try to return your images using Flickr’s own API Explorer:
    … (using your Flickr User ID and the Tags used in your SimpleViewer gallery), I get the following message:

    Hold your clicks a moment please…
    Flickr has the hiccups. We’re looking into the problem right now.

    Try again tomorrow to see if Flickr have sorted the problem and your images appear in your gallery.

    I’ve checked the Post ID in the related XML file, it is 0. Maybe it is not the data missing issue, because the old galleries still work, the gallery I show you is a new post after database transfer. I guess the problem is why doesn’t the program write the Post ID to the database anymore, does the issue relate to Https protocol?

    Not working, it still shows the “X”, maybe it ‘s Flickr issue, I’ll try again. but it’s weird that other galleries are normal.

    Thank you for your help.



    WP-SimpleViewer grabs the post’s ID using WordPress’s own methods and it should not matter whether your installation is on https or not.
    Does this happen with all galleries you create or just the one whose link you posted?

    Yeah, I see, there is no simpleviewer in database.

    All the galleries I create after host change have the same issue of course.

    Maybe I’ve to reinstall the simpleviewer and re-create the galleries?



    The post ID is being written to the XML file OK. It is just that its value is always zero.

    Yeah, I see, there is no simpleviewer in database.

    The post ID value is not stored in the WP-SimpleViewer part of the database (it is essentially given to the plugin by WordPress) but it does sound like a database-related problem.
    You could try a fresh WordPress install on your new server to confirm that the problem is not directly related to https and that the problem is likely to be caused somewhere in the move to your new server.

    Thank you for the detail explanation.

    Ok, I’ll try that, thanks anyway.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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