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HTML5 Update

  • To get this up to date with HTML5 <time> tags, apply these changes:

    line 117:
    $result .= $before.'<a href="'.get_year_link($year).'"><time>'.$year.'</time></a> <span>:</span>';

    line 137:
    $result .= '<a href="'.get_month_link($year,$month).'">'.$time_tag.'</a> ';

    line 139:
    $result .= $time_tag.' ';

    after all that, add this below line 135:
    $time_tag = '<time datetime="'.$year.'-'.sprintf("%02d",$month).'">'.$month_abbrev.'</time>';

    Optionally, add rel="archives" to the all above lines that have <a> tags.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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