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  • This plugin might work out of the box for simple usage to novice user, but when you want to customise it or so, it’s a big pain…Seriously it’s probably coded by amateur developer. The code quality is so bad my eyes and brain hurt so much after trying to make sense. I know it’s a free plugin, but it deserves to be thrown away and written again using at least some coding standards…
    Shiny on the outside, an absolute mess on the inside. Avoid if you want to extend on your own accord!

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  • Plugin Author Realtyna


    Many professional developers customized WPL and WPL Pro successfully in the past 5 years and the cleanness of the code is obvious on these documentations:

    The code of WPL pro is sophisticated for some of entry level coders because of Flex-add-on database scheme which is difficult to understand. This sophistication doesn’t mean the code is not clean for advance coders.

    If you can’t wrap your head around the code, you can check our API documentation and database design:

    and this will help you to understand the code easier.

    I am sorry to say that but metrics and documentation don’t prove anything. In fact, most of the IDEs out there detect warnings and inconsistencies in your code.

    The code you have produced can be interpreted by someone like me which is advanced and I can easily manage to find solutions and extend accordingly.

    However, that does not change the fact that the plugin has horrible source code.
    As a matter in fact there is no cohesion between the components and even the best IDEs out there are not able to relate imported/related files. It’s not fun looking where a variable has been defined or use PHP means to see all the import callstack.

    I won’t go about posting source code and judging it to be honest. I suggest you start cleaning up your plugin and organizing it better than adding up features over the others and worsening the mess. Follow some better coding paradigms and everything is going to be ok, it’s not that of a complicated plugin after all..




    @mrserano – Agreed. We’ve had several issues as well trying to interpret this jargon of a mess.

    Plugin Author Realtyna


    First of all, welcome to both of you on your first posts on your first day of joining the WordPress community.

    If you don’t like this plug-in, there are other options here that you can interpret easier or work with.

    Most of the time, we are receiving a very different type of feedbacks from our authenticated users and older/senior users of the WordPress community, appreciating our work.

    Like always, we are doing our best to improve our codes based on authenticated, professional and valid feedbacks. This is GPL soul.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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