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  • Can WordPress 3.6.1 be installed on a Mac Computer? Used to develop webpages? Then have the web pages uploaded to a site via an FTP such as Fetch?

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  • WordPress is a CMS written in PHP. For you to “install” it on your local computer (Mac or PC) you need “tools” – PHP server MySQL, Apache. Check out this info for how you would go about it. MAMP will provide you with the tools to get it running locally.

    I had no luck with MAMP. It downloads but it won’t install. I have a 1 year old MacBook Air with MacOs 10.9.2. Is there more help you can offer? Thank you.

    What errors are you getting when you are installing MAMP? You try again following a more detailed tutorial from here.

    I’ve downloaded MAMP_MAMP_PRO_3.0.3.pkg. Deleted it and tried again several times. I click on this item and it does not open. I click on it and nothing happens. It appears to open for just a second but it does nothing. I’ve tried installing this from my download file, from my desktop and from my application folder. I did get the following message yesterday, but not today. (Mar 27 18:17:57 Macintosh.local Installer[4535]: Invalid Distribution File/Package) I also had to reset my preferences to accept this program.

    This 5 minute install is very disappointing. I was hoping to try this program before my board meeting Saturday. I’ve seen pages made with it and they look great!

    Thanks for all your help.


    Sorry to hear of your problems with the local install through MAMP. I primarily use PCs so I can’t be much help with the set up you are using.

    The 5 minute install is for installing on a hosting account for a live site. Steps involve logging into your control panel for your hosting account, creating a database with a user, uploading the wordpress intall files to your website directory, and accessing the install url.

    Your issues seem to be with trying to setup the tools needed to run a webserver locally. This is for testing and development prior to migrating to a live server and much more complex than the 5 minute install covers.

    May I suggest trying the Bitnami install of WordPress. Bitnami provides the necessary “tools” to run WordPress on your Mac (or PC) but hides the complexity of the installation and setup process for those who just want to “get going” with trying WP.

    I just tried it out on my 2 y/o Mac Mini, OS 10.9.2 and it works just fine and is a snap to get going. Just download the Installer – WordPress 3.8.1 for OS X 64 bit (top of the list) – from, double click the downloaded dmg file and follow the instructions. Accept the defaults but be aware of a couple “opt-ins”.

    Another item of note is that it also installs a number of plugins, some of which are really not required just to “get going”, but are fine to have nonetheless (Contact Form 7 for example).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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