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    It sounds like there’s a JavaScript conflict with another plugin/theme, that would explain why you’re not able to change the picture and why the counter isn’t working. I would say disable your plugins etc. (as it’s likely to be clashing with another plugin) but for a holiday plugin your best bet is to just try another one.

    Everything seems to work fine. Two silly Questions, Will you add a way that we can use our own graphics — upload them and resize automatically for us and 2) will there be a way to turn it off while there is no holiday? Thank you. Everything seems to be working great. Even with ie8…


    Please let me know when we can add our own graphics and if not resized, what size we should make them and when you have the turn off switch or should we j=ust deactivate after each holiday?

    Have a great Holiday!

    Plugin Author simnor


    Hi Joseph, I’ve just issued an update (1.1) to the plugin that will allow those two things you wanted.

    First of all, Thanks for a nice plugin!

    Is it possible to add an option to show the message just on frontage? Would love that!

    BTW, I canĀ“t get the option t add my own graphics to work…….

    Thank you Simnor! Works great! Added my own graphic and things are working. Some notes, for some reason in cache, even if you clear the cache and all one still needs to wait until the cache rebuilds itself. When you load the screen again unless force for always it won’t show up until the page expires and you come on unlogged in as a guest again. Not much time for I rebuild cache once an hour.


    HI, I install the plugin, I active but is invisible on my site! Dont appeare anywhere!

    Hi, thanks for this plugin.
    It is the best I found so far and I’ve almost tried them all.

    The only thing is, I’d like the snowfalling to keep going on each and every page of my website regardless of the holiday message being closed and/or cookies.

    Is that possible to achieve?



    Great plugin! Works fine. Except for one little thing. I want it to appear everytime someone visits my website, so I don’t enable the cookie option.
    But now it appears on every page I click from the menu. So when I close the message and navigate to another page from my menu, the message appears again. The snow should stay falling but the message shouldn’t appear. Any sugestions? Thanks.

    Plugin Author simnor


    OK if any of you need to reply with further questions then please could you start a new thread in the support forum, it makes it much easier to manage that way, also I can mark threads as resolved and other people who have similar problems can find the answers by searching the forum.


    Thanks. There isn’t an option for that I’m afraid, and I’m getting concerned about adding too many options to the plugin. However you could do this with the custom css field on the Advanced tab as long as the theme you’re using is following the WordPress coding standards then the body class in the theme should be set to home on the homepage, so you can add:

    .sn-holiday-message-holder { display:none!important; }
    .home .sn-holiday-message-holder { display:block!important; }

    This will hide the message on every page on the site and then show it again on just the home page. If your theme isn’t following WordPress standards then I’m afraid there’s no way of doing this unless you edit your theme code which I wouldn’t recommend unless you know what you’re doing.

    Regarding not been able to get your graphics to work, please can you open a new thread on the support forum with more details of exactly what the issue is if you need help with that.


    I don’t really understand your question I’m afraid. The cookie should be long enough so that the message doesn’t appear again, I think I’ve set it to 100 days, but if you want to reduce it then you’ll have to edit the plugin to do that. If your cache resets itself after an hour then there’s nothing I can do about that, cookies don’t really have anything to do with the cache anyway, so it must be resetting your cookies every hour.


    I’m not sure why that is, if it doesn’t appear at all then I guess you should just try another plugin because it’s probably not working with your current site configuration.


    Thanks. You could do a similar thing to the answer I gave for @nofrills, so set the plugin to show all the time, then as long as your theme is coding correctly you can use the following css in the custom css field:

    .sn-holiday-message-holder { display:none!important; }
    .home .sn-holiday-message-holder { display:block!important; }

    That way, the message will show (with the snow) on the home page, but on interior pages the message is hidden, but as the snow is applied to the page not the message, the snowfall will continue to work on the interior pages.


    Thanks. Exactly the same answer as @rtank‘s above should work for you too I think.

    Looks like a great plugin. Everything works great but the background doesn’t show up. I just get a transparent background which has the messages and timer directly over content that can also be seen

    Any thoughts?

    Plugin Author simnor


    Hi @audiferd

    It looks like you don’t have a # before the FFFFFF in the background colour option, it should be #FFFFFF not FFFFFF.

    I’m going to set this topic as resolved because you should start a new thread with every question and people are going to keep asking questions in this thread if I don’t. If you are still having issues then feel free to open a new thread.


    Hello and congratulations for the plugin!
    One question: if I wanted to insert a new image, how should I do?
    I tried to insert different, but none comes loaded.
    First i try in the Graphic Option, after via FTP in the directory where i find the other standard image. But i see nothing.
    The files who i have charged in in format .png 128×128 and even then smaller than what you suggested.
    Can you help me?

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