• The new WordPress template for the blog is really ticking me off.

    I can’t even edit the page properly, without having to reinstall it all over again.

    It’s like the 5th time I’m reinstalling WordPress.

    I liked the old way of managing layouts!

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  • What exactly are you trying to edit and what needs to be installed (again)?
    Which theme? Which template of the theme? (I guess when you say “template” you refer to “theme”…)

    Why are you having to reinstall it? Why not ask for help first if you are having problems with your template? If if it’s just a template problem you wouldn’t need to reinstall anyway, just reupload the original template copy.

    In the prev old wordpress, i was so used to editing the template and I wasn’t PHP illiterate so I could figure out some stuff.

    Now, it’s like I don’t know anything!

    I am also trying to make the index.php redirected to my domain. eg. blablah.com/wordpress —>blahblah.com

    I was told to change some options for this but it still didn’t work! O_O”

    sara, look at it from our perspective here. We have no idea what someone told you, so if you state your problems a bit more clearly we might be able to tell you more accurately what needs to be done to get where you want to go.

    It seems you are more likely to vent your frustration with changes in WP 1.5 by these “rhetoric” posts 🙂
    There are plenty of Codex articles about themes and templates in the Blog Design and layout section with tons of links…

    Golden rules:
    – keep a thread with ONE topic
    – try to use the proper terminology, it will get you faster answers

    sara I don’t think yu’re alone in your thoughts, however, if you specify what it is that is supposedly ticking you off, the volunteers here will be better able to help you. Feedback is good, as long as it’s constructive, taking your comments as is, they don’t offer anything to answer to.

    well i thought this was a feedback and criticism forum too! so i just posted here, as instructed.

    anyway, i will post the problems in other forums. I am not here to make trouble as I am not a newbie member 😛

    Just voicing out my say!

    Thread closed.

    we know you’re not here to cause trouble, but if you give us an idea of what is troubling you, maybe we can resolve it and help your transition to themes an easier one.

    Actually, for the level of frustration you’ve experienced, it seems to me that it would maybe be a good idea just to return to version 1.22 or whichever one you had used previously that agreed with your abilities as to tweaking.

    I don’t think there’s a “law” against NOT upgrading….

    I wanted to download the old version but I thought it’s not available for download anymore 😛

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    How old did you want ?


    Wheeeee! Thank you! *you save my life* 😛

    Maybe, when i am more free, in the future, I will use the newer version and actually solve it 😛

    But not right now 😛

    Thanks podz 🙂

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