• I highly recommend you avoid the payed version of this plugin.

    I purchased the pro WPBot/WoowBot (they seem to share a code base) with all the additional plugins after trying the WPBot free version. Unfortunately, as soon as I installed the Pro version I started getting errors. When I asked for help the support team asked me for the administrative login for my site, that should have been the red flag that led me to request a refund on the spot, but I decided to give the team a chance anyway, just without my admin password.

    After fixing one bug by sending me a new version, I ran into more bugs. Each time I put in a support ticket and finally when the bot no longer had a close button on the panel, and returned search results that were very poorly formatted such that they were unreadable I asked for a refund since I couldn’t use the bot as advertised. There were just too many bugs.

    However, when I asked for the refund the support team said it was past seven days, so they could not refund digital goods after seven days… seriously… I gave them weeks to fix it, and when it didn’t work they tell me I’m too late.

    I would seriously avoid this plugin and save yourself some money, find a more professional team with a polished product. Sure, they are responsive, but I couldn’t keep this product on my online store since it would drive customers away given how broken it was.

    I’m not sure how this has 21 5 star reviews, but I would read them all carefully as it’s not uncommon for shops like this to buy good reviews, or get colleagues and friends to review.

    If you think of trying this out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I can show you how broken it is on a live site, would love to save you the hassle that I had to go through. I would probably avoid anything made by Quantum Cloud.

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    1. Your first request was an issue with a MySQL query that we could not duplicate on our end. That is why we requested an admin login to your site or a staging site so we could troubleshoot quickly. Nevertheless, we came up with a possible solution within a couple of hours that worked. It was 11 PM at night in our time zone. Our dev team was off but we escalated the issue for you and got it done.

    2. Your 2nd request was a question about how to change a text language that we answered but maybe you missed because of the weekends.

    3. Your 3rd request about how to show the close button was also replied within minutes. This was 3 AM in our time zone.
    We will move this setting to a more prominent place based on your feedback.

    4. Not a single review/rating was bought. It is an insult to insinuate such to the WordPress plugins team who work hard to track the validity of all reviews and also to the genuine reviewers who took the time out of their days to appreciate our effort and hard work.

    5. As the plugin provides literally thousands of features and options there may be some minor conflicts or bugs that we can easily resolve with your cooperation. This is fundamental to all software life cycle. We refund promptly if we are unable to resolve any issue in a timely manner. Otherwise, we do not provide a refund after 7 days because of the digital nature of the product. The refund policy is clearly stated on our website that you agreed to before purchasing.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback and time. We take each opportunity to improve our products and our services.

    If you need any further help, please open a support ticket again and we will resolve it ASAP as always. We want you to be confident that no matter what we will be there to help you.

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    There are two other errors, one I asked at the same time as asking about the white labeling issue. Yes: you did resolve the white labeling issue, but you did not resolve the error I was getting in the same question. I had clearly identified two issues in that post and you resolved the easy one.

    Neither did you resolve the issue of search results showing up as blank lines, so the user cannot read them, the latest error along with the missing close button.

    It is NOT part of a Software Release cycle to use paying users as testers and expect me to spend time debugging issues with you. When you sell a product it should work as advertised. If this was an unpaid beta, and I offered to help that could be part of a software life cycle.

    You are absolutely wrong that paying customers should expect to act as your testers.

    Digital product refunds should absolutely be seamless with few restrictions: unlike physical goods you have unlimited stock, you don’t have to ship it, and there are no packaging or handling fees.

    Your top priority should be ensuring customers are satisfied with a product not trying to figure out what loop holes in your policy can ensure unsatisfied customers cannot get refunds.

    I stand by my review and will happily post the entire support ticket conversation and screenshots of the continuing error. I paid for a finished product not to participate as your bug finder.

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