• Contacting Mini Orange in relation to creating an API link between our current POS system and a new website which uses WordPress / WooCommerce. Documentation was created to help support the development of the API and how each data point would be provided from our POS system and how that data should be populated into WooCommerce. There were many challenges encountered when getting each data point populated correctly this due to there being 22 data points per product however Sharshdeep from Mini Orange was successfully able to map each data point. We then encountered issues in relation to Web Crons, this was due to the quantity of products being passed from our POS system to WooCommerce and the crons expiring. Mini Orange were able to overcome this issue by putting the products into batches and syncing 200 products at a time. This was a result of there being 30,000 products needing synced and added to WooCommerce. After syncing all the products and ensuring the data was correctly mapped the next challenge was ensuring all order data would be correctly passed back to our POS system. There were several challenges which had to be overcome in relation to the processing of the order data, however Sharshdeep & the team were able to successfully able to map the data being passed back through the API to the POS system to ensure all order data was correctly presented on the POS system.

    Overall the project ran over schedule however the estimated time line was very ambitious for the complexity of the project. Although the complexity of the project increased as the project continued, Sharshdeep and the team rose to the challenge & ensured all aspects of the original project were completed despite it becoming highly complex. The team were able to provide regular updates via email and were always available to attend Team meetings. This made communication very quick despite there being a significant time difference due to our Geographical locations.

    I would highly recommend Sharshdeep and the team from Mini Orange each and every problem was resolved with great communication.

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