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    I would like to hide the author of the course and that only the name of the instructor is shown but I cannot do it. Any solution?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • andytodd88


    I’d also like to know how to do this or at least edit what’s displayed here please.

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    Hello @andytodd88 @nendara,

    Please navigate to Tutor LMS > Settings > Course. From this page you can hide any information you want.



    @badsha_eee The problem is that I’ve tried that but when i refresh the page it still appears. I don`t know if this is a bug or something like that



    @nendara Had same issue.

    What I did to fix it:
    – find the php file in the template folder in the tutor plugin (through plugin editor or ftp)
    – remember the folders it was in (for example /templates/dashboard/quiz-attempts/ for quiz-reviews.php)
    – in your theme folder, create a folder called “tutor”
    – in there you recreate the folders you found that php file in, except “templates” (in the example you’ll create /your-theme-name/tutor/dashboard/quiz-attempts/)
    – copy the php file (in the example quiz-reviews.php) in there

    In WordPress, go to theme editor, edit the php file, remove the author part, and save.

    If the folder creation was done correctly, the author won’t be showing up anymore as the plugin now uses that php file instead of the one within the plugin.

    If something goes wrong on that page, due to bad php lines, you can simply fix it there or delete the new file if you really can’t find it.

    @tlouwet ¿Which exact file is the one that i should move to the theme part? I`ve tried moving from tutor to my theme the instructors.php and instructors_List.php :

    /public_html/wp-content/themes/edumax/tutor/single/course/instructors.php and it didn`t worked

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    @nendara depends on which page you want to hide the author on.
    I’m not fully aware where each is loaded from.

    For example, you can find
    <p> <a href="<?php echo tutor_utils()->profile_url($authordata->ID); ?>"><?php echo get_the_author(); ?></a> </p>
    in tutor/loop/course-author.php

    In the template part of the plugin, you could remove it there, see if it removes what you wanted to remove. If it didn’t CTRL+Z to set it back to how it was if it wasn’t the change you wanted to do.
    The moment you find the php file that did it for you, copy it over to the theme as you did before.

    I copied over as good as the whole template folder over, have made quite a few adjustments, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint which change I did where for what reason. Sadly all I can do is point you in the right direction.

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