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  • JeffHicks


    I happened to be viewing the displayed HTML for my blog and came across this snippet:

    <small>UTPW Presented by <a href="">columbus water damage</a></small>

    This can’t be seen at all in a browser which makes me wonder if this exists merely for SEO purposes. I can’t find anything in configuration or documentation that says the plugin will add this type of link. Is this in fact a link added by the plugin? Or is there some other vulnerability? A quick search of ‘UTPW Presented by’ shows many sites with the same code.

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  • nadiausa


    I see it in the code for the plug in. It is in an “if,else” statement. If you do not select to allow the credits to the plugin author website in your wordpress settings tab, then this is the fall back credit that will appear. I don’t know why it is such a spammy looking SEO link.

    You can manually strip the offending URL out of the line of code in the plugin if you have Dreamweaver or another HTML or PHP file editor. Just remove the div tag between the single quotes. You can leave the ability to show her credit via your wordpress settings panel.

    I don’t feel bad about removing it because it seems disingenuous to offer a button to remove credits and then turn around and place a sneaky one anyway.

    Find the page:

    Line 925:

    Before alteration:
    echo '<div align="center" style="display:none;"><small>UTPW Presented by <a href="">columbus water damage</a></small></div>';

    After alteration:
    echo '';



    Thanks for digging into this.

    This is a fantastic widget for the most part, but it breaks my theme if the widget is anywhere except the very last position in the very bottom widget area.

    Even there, it does something wonky with the footer.

    It seems like a div isn’t closed somewhere, but I’m not a good enough coder to find it.

    If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see a blank area below the footer that isn’t supposed to be there.

    If the widget is placed anywhere except where it is, the whole theme breaks and everything just lines up below the widget.

    So frustrating for it to be so close to being usable.

    Looks like the error is in the function show_utwp_profile_widget in the php file.

    The line echo $after_widget; should be at the end of the function. Instead, it accidentally got left outside the function.

    Just move that line up above that last curly brace, and it works.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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