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    I managed to accidentally delete my entire website folder from the ftp. I have since re-copied over a backup and the site is nearly back up and running bar some plugins missing etc

    The main issue I now have though is non of the pages other than the home page are working

    I am fairly new to wordpress and myphp so I would be really greatful for some help please


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  • Have the pages been successfully imported from a database or xml file? Are you able to see the pages you’re looking for when you log into your admin area and go to the ‘Pages > All Pages’ or ‘Posts > All Posts’ screens?

    If the posts are there and you can view them by clicking ‘View Post’, then you could look at two things which might be simple fixes:

    a) It might be a problem where your permalinks need updating. Go to Settings > Permalinks in the admin area and choose the format you want, then click the Save Changes button.

    b) Make sure the actual links to the content match the links in your custom menu section. Appearance > Menus
    If it’s unclear, then create a new menu to test it out.

    On the other hand, if the posts are not in your admin area, then you’ll need to tell us exactly what steps you followed to restore them. Let us know!

    Your first suggestion worked. Once i disabled permalinks I was able to use my pages as they did appear In my admin. I tried to re enable the permalinks and now I can’t even access the site.

    Any suggestions please.

    Sorry just to clarify. I disabled permalinks and used the default page strings and I was able to get all the pages to work. I then tried to use permalinks again and now I a unable to access my site. Do I need to change something in MySQL to enable me to gain access again.


    I have the site working again. I deleted the web-config file and now the pages and site are loading

    I still would like to re-enable permalinks so i have SEO friendly Urls so how do i go about doing this

    Also all my media files seem to have broken links now and are no longer showing, i suspect the problem is related

    Can anyone help please


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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