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    Hello, I have a couple of question regarding the EthereumICO Plugin.

    1.) I am planning on using a simple “Ethereum Wallet Address” as the “Crwodsale Contract” to recieve ethereum funds.
    How will I be able to send the buyers their ERC20 Token they have already purchased from me?
    Will the buyer leave their MEW address or do I just return the payment to the same address I received ethereum from?

    2.) Why do I have to insert API key?

    3.) Do I have to insert API key?

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    Hi @domainman96,

    1. If you want to use ordibary Ethereum address instead of the Crowdsale contract, you should send tokens to users to the same addresses they sent you Ether from.
    2. You have to insert the infura API key to allow users to buy your tokens with their MetaMask
    3. You have to insert the etherscan API key to convert Ether to USD and BTC to show for your user.
    4. You can optionally insert the openexchangerates API key if you need to convert to currencies other then USD and BTC

    Do I have to insert anything for “The ethereum address of your ICO ERC20 token.”

    Is that just to show proof where the ERC20 Token is stored ?

    I do not want anyone to send any ETH to “The ICO Token Address”

    Plugin Author ethereumicoio


    Yes, you have to input an address of your token here.
    No Ether would be sent to this address. It is used to check user’s token balances primarily.

    Ok cool, thanks for all of your help.

    I do have 1 more question, hope you don’t mind.

    How do I insert the Ethereumico plugin to a webpage?
    I can only find it under settings?
    Do I have to use wooCommerce?
    Not really sure how to add it to my checkout Page

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    Hi @domainman96,

    • To show tokens sell widget insert a simple [ethereum-ico] shortcode wherever you like
    • To show an ICO progress bar widget insert a simple [ethereum-ico-progress] shortcode wherever you like.
    • To show tokens balance on the current user account use the [ethereum-ico-balance] shortcode.
    • There is also a shortcode [ethereum-ico-purchases] to display a table of recent token purchases by anyone, or by the current user.
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