• Hi there, im a beginner but managed to get a nice mixfolio site running, I then decided to play around a bit with the colour, and changed colour 999 to 128 in the Stylesheet, and didnt move or change anything else (since i’m a novice), but now the website arrangement has turned topsy turvy… what did i do, and more importantly how do change it back??? I naturally changed the colour code back to what it was, but this made no difference. Can I reinstall the theme? I tried changing to another theme and then back to mixfolio but the arrangement is still the same…. 🙁 Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  • …oh and some images disappeared too…. how can changing 999 to 128 make such a mess?

    It’s probably just a syntax typo in the stylesheet — can you post a link to your site?

    Or try Validating your CSS code — which will quickly find any errors in the code.

    Changing the Grey #999 to Blue #112288?

    Is this a premium theme with encryption code?

    If Not then undo the change from file manager, or Admin > Appearance > Editor

    If it is encrypted or the changes have not reverted the theme back then:
    If you have or can get a copy of the theme, use ftp or your ISP > Control Panel > File Manager, and over-write the style.css file.

    Going forward read the rules on postings here, about HELP! in the topic title.

    Do not edit the style.css just add your changes to the end of the file, as it is cascading it will read your changes last.



    Apologies about the topic title…

    I have now done a ‘W3C CSS Validation Service’ and it has found 210 errors!
    Oh dear…

    This is the site: http://www.emiliesmassasjeklinikk.com/

    Hmm how very odd, I now went to re-insert all the missing images and now all the posts are re-arranged.. so much to learn… thanks anyway, it seems to have reverted back to normal now!

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