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  • I am new to wordpress and just started my website from the theme (fresh & clean by AJ Clarke) My site is self hosted through go daddy. my website is I noticed my background color and header are the only features not displaying when I edit the site. I was able to figure out through code to change my background color, which was pure luck. I am having trouble figuring how where to add my header in the header code. Can anyone help? The link to my heading is

    can anyone help me figure out where it goes in the header code?

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  • Just go to your style.css and there it is written /*** Header ***/
    in that in #header where ther is written background:#FFF just change that to background-image:url(
    this might help

    That worked! Thank you very much!!

    I tried what you suggested above and when I refreshed, my logo repeated itself over and over and over. Is there anyway I can do what you suggested above but have the logo post only once?

    @novice 2012;
    can you post a link to your site so we can see what is going on?

    Thanks for the response. I wish I could but it’s a client’s website, so I can’t post it. When I add the jpg of the image, (and I have tried resizing to the total length of the header and also leaving the sizr alone), this is what I get:

    Logo Logo Logo Logo
    Logo Logo Logo Logo

    So, it’s repeating itself side-by-side and below it. I’ve tried reviewing the code but noting indicates why this is happening…

    Again, thanks for quickly responding. I really appreciate it.

    Sorry Novice2012 for the delay, forgot to check the notify box. How about sending me a link to it has to be something in the code telling the image to repeat but hard to say with out being able to see it.

    Header in post not showing. It shows for a brief momment and then disappears. I am using Header 1 and then rest of contents is in format Paragraph. Cannot get header to show on sidebar right as well. The header for the search, categories an free book will not appear. Website is Please advise.

    I have gone into Admin, Settings, I see no link for Design therefore cannot continue to Theme Editor something I’ve seen in a previous post.

    This site was started by someone else and I have taken over to maintain it.

    Thank you.

    Hi thampton,
    when I follow the link provided for your site it tells me the domain is parked on godaddy so I cant see it to maybe see what is going on. you will need to get it unparked or even better get it off of godaddy so that we can see it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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