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  • I don’t know what WordPress was thinking, to force this Gutenberg-thing upon it’s users. It’s simply bad. I like the classic editor much much much much more, but te classic editor plugin is buggy and messes around with my gallerys. So what to do? Living with the stupid Gutenberg stuff or the NOW buggy classic editor? To think about this stuff is so useless and time consuming. I want my “old” non-buggy WordPress editor back please!

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  • but te classic editor plugin is buggy and messes around with my gallerys.

    If you can report your issues in detail in the Classic Editor Support Forum, the team there will likely be keen to investigate them.

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    Although I understand the desire to downgrade for some, the Classic Editor plugin, as proposed in the previous post, is the best way forward for that.

    The reason I say this is because downgrading does not fix any database changes that have been introduced, and may lead to stability issues for your site. If you still feel the need to use an older version you should always be restoring from backups to ensure nothing goes badly 🙂

    I’m curious as to what problems you encountered with the new editing experience though, would you mind sharing a little about that?

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    Hi, besides the fact, that I like the classic editor much more, it’s this key issue that bothers me. It’s already reported at github, but nobody of the develop team seems to care:


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    That’s a valid case, and I totally get that once you’re comfortable with the old editor, the flow just kind of … sits in your fingers.

    As for the ticket you mentioned, it landed during the most intense part of the preparation cycle for the 5.0 release, so I can see how it got overlooked at that point, I do see it’s been tagged for review though, so it’ll hopefully get looked into in one of the upcoming sprints we’ve got planned!

    I absolutely hate this editor too. It is fine as a plugin for people who like it, but as the standard default editor–terrible decision.

    It also seems quite arrogant to make a drastic change and impose it on users–if WordPress is supposed to be a community, this is an autocratic and completely inappropriate gesture. If support is later withdrawn for the classic editor plugin–that would be holding people hostage who have put in a great deal of effort to learn WordPress and may be maintaining sites using it.

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    Thanks for the review. I’m closing this as the now archived replies have moved to “blog post” territory and that’s not appropriate for this support forum.

    If you want support for anything WordPress or want to help other people in the community with WordPress, please do so. This whole review section for Gutenberg does have some good feedback, both negative and positive.

    But unhappy people are brigading here to use the reviews to vent in the form of a blog post and that’s not appropriate for a support forum.

    If you wish to blog please do so. Just not on this site.

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