• Vicky


    The plugin works fine, no error or bugs, and it’s ultra light.
    I’m thankful for the time and effort the author put into to give it for free.
    However, to my liking, needs improvement in some aspects.
    1) The WhatsApp button doesn’t link to WhatApp, it just shows a text box saying “Add the number to the Contacts on your phone and send us a message via app. Call us:” followed by whatever phone number you entered in the WhatsApp button field.
    2) All buttons, once clicked on, open a text box area, some with a link in it that you can click on, like email button, and some with just plain text, like the text button. So, it’s like a 2 step click. This could be just a personal preference, but hey, this is a personal rating, so I guess it’s valid.
    3) There’s no way to add a custom url, that would be very useful.

    Maybe this won’t bother other users. Just giving my respectful opinion.
    Thanks again to the author for contributing to the community.

    EDITED: Original rating was 4, changed it to 5. If you care to know why, read blow.

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  • farazquazi


    Thank you for your precious suggestions.

    I will improve my plugin asap according to your suggestions.

    You can use URL via shortcode with the first button (Text Button).

    Your rating will impact negatively on my plugin. I have done hard work on this plugin.

    Can you please improve the given rating?

    Best Regards,
    Thank you.

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    Thread Starter Vicky



    I was respectful and objective in my review.
    At this time (plugin version 1.0), is not a 5 star plugin, and I have a valid reason why.
    I gave a generous 4 star.
    However, I don’t want to upset you, so I’d like to delete my review, do you know how can I do that? I can’t find the option.



    Sorry brother, there is no option to deleting it. You can only change the rating.

    Thread Starter Vicky


    I’m going to give you 5 stars because the WP plugin rating is faulty:

    1) Users should be able to delete their own ratings.
    2) Ratings should be version specific. It’s not fair to authors to bundle all user’s ratings as if they belong to current plugin version. If you improve your plugin according to what users expect, you are still affected by old version’s ratings and reviews.
    I didn’t realize this up until now, though I usually give only positive reviews.



    Thank you Mr. Vicky!!!

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