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    I’m working on building the hacks section of the web site here. I think this will be a great resource for the WP community and I’m looking for some help with ideas for what categories would make sense.
    Here is a start:
    CSS Skins (blog)
    CSS Skins (admin pages)
    Multi-media (photos, audio blogging, etc.)
    Referers (is this enough to be a category? it could be I think)
    Accessibility (my mobile version hack would go here I think)
    I’m sure I’m missing some and perhaps some of these aren’t right. Please add your suggestions, thanks!

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  • codergurl


    maybe there should be a category for larger hacks, like script implementations (EX: wp + 4images) and crap


    an Integrations section, good idea.



    Alex, I have a lot of old style sheets from my many designs. They haven’t been checked over and made all that compliant but I’d love to wrap them up and send them over to you to help out with a layout section. I promise to clean them up a little 🙂


    sounds great!



    As part of my learning about CSS I’ve been running through some tutorials. As a result I’m building up a collection of index.php/stylesheet.css combinations which I’ll happily share.
    You guys may have already figured all this out but, I have some questions.
    Q1. how are we going to share them (link from my webpage or send em to you or what)?
    Q2. Should contributed stylesheets merely work on the default index.php (limited) or can/should we use the same functions in index.php but play with ordering and div’s?
    Q3. Can/should brand new contibuted index.php be renamed (e.g. nested-float.php)
    Q4. What about idiosyncracies in the default index.php. Two I hate are hardcoded get_archives(‘monthly’) which ignores the admin panel and leaving out the calendar altogether.
    Currently the default WordPress setup is for the stylesheets to be in the root directory. I don’t like that on my site (as I build tests they clutter the directory).
    So I’d favor calling the contributed index be called description.php and the css in /styles/description.css but only if WP devteam are looking at supporting that. Otherwise I’ll stick the contributed versions in the root.
    Hope this is clear.


    This will be a great addition to the section. I think you should start a new thread on this actually, it is of interest to a number of people who many not see it here. I’ll give my answers but some of the other guys may have a better idea than I do and will chime in later.

    1. We’ll have a mechanism for accepting them (maybe via e-mail at first) then we’ll host them here on
    2. I’d say both, you can package up a modified index.php and the CSS file together. We probably will have an on-line demo of the CSS-only skins.
    3. I don’t know that it matters terribly, we’ll probably figure that out as we go.
    4. I think we should probably fix those. 🙂

    I agree that the CSS could be in a subdirectory. Depending on how the rest of the team feels, that could certainly happen.


    cool…can’t wait 🙂



    sounds fantastic…



    What about either a section or ‘marker’ identifying whether the hack is known to work right out of the box? (For example, some b2 hacks seems to work without additional modification, others do not.) Or maybe even a WP-sanctioned 3rd-party hacks ‘seal of approval’. 🙂
    Additionally, notes on what versions of WP it works with, whether db modifications are necessary, ease of use/implementation might be helpful.


    We will only be listing hacks that work (at least for us) and conform to (at least most of) the coding guidelines.



    how about stats. like dodos stats



    Another idea for an additional category: how about “rss hacks”?
    I plan to write one that allows to select the category that is included in the rss/rdf. This way one could have an own feed for every category (which might be useful, at least it is for my purpose). As far as I can say this mod/hack wouldn’t fit into any of the existing categories.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg


    You can already do that, just add ?cat=1 where 1 can be any category id to the end of any WP RSS File.

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