• A very wonderful plugins but it lacks visual looks.

    i read few posts where support confirmed that are introducing grid layout for plugin in version 4.0

    i have version 4.04 can you please guide how to activate grid layout?


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  • Hi @saad_rashad,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Reviews are not really the appropriate place to ask about support issues like the grid part. Can you please create a forum thread to discuss that separately?

    i am unsure how to register to forum i tried couple of times but it didnt work. I thought this is plugin support that why asked here.

    sorry for inconvenience . Please guide me the procedure to post the same at forum and get help.

    You don’t have to register on our AWPCP site forum to post support, you can post it on THIS WP.org forum here:

    And we’ll answer questions, no problem…You’re already registered on this site, so it should be no problem to post there.

    Try that and let me know if you run into more issues.

    after going to the mentioned place i got a replay in “NO”
    if that was suppose to happen this should be done right here why did so called great support wasted so much of my time.

    support just buying time and committing to give a grid layout in 4.0 was a lie.

    I am now 100% sure it was a wrong choice to select this plugin to work with.

    ***** 0 out of 100% for after sales support *****
    the following is the reply i got

    “Thanks for contacting me here.

    Right now, we don’t have any theme or setting in the pllugin to give you a grid layout. You might be able to do this with custom CSS. All fonts, colors and spacing can be changed using custom CSS. Here is an article about how to use custom CSS with AWPCP in a way that doesn’t get overwritten on upgrade of AWPCP: http://awpcp.com/forum/faq/how-to-use-custom-styles-with-awpcp/

    Hi @saad_rashad,

    I’m sorry this has been frustrating. If you have purchased any premium modules in the last 14 days, we’re happy to provide a refund on those per our usual policy. But no one has lied here…Grid layout is something that can be done with CSS and HTML work in the existing and previous plugin, but it’s not a “turn this on” kind of setting.

    We provide responsive support to you (and have replied within a reasonable time to all requests you’ve made so far) and everyone who uses the plugin. I’m sorry that the experience has not been positive for you because of a feature that you wanted to be easy to use. We understand this is important, but 4.0 required a lot of work to push out the door and further delays to add something like this were not something we could do at that time.

    Again, providing support in a review thread is not appropriate…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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