• At first this plugin didn’t work. I was trying to enter the date in US format in the plain text field for date, which was not correct. But this countdown clock is so beautiful and simple to use that I decided to email support in the 1 in a million chance I would actually get a response back. To my surprise, I heard back from the developer in a day, and he gave me more instructions on how to enter the date. He subsequently proceeded to upgrade the plugin to make the date a calendar picker, and that solved my issue.

    I’m happy to report I am successfully using this plugin on my page. Thanks to the support folks!

    Not going to give it 5 stars until they fix their Plugin Homepage link (which is broken) and specify in the countdown entry page that the date is in non-US format (DD-MM-YYYY). The calendar picker went a long way, but not everyone will use it if they can type the date, so the instruction will be important to avoid frustration for others in the future.


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