• This plugin is borderline amazing but needs some work.

    My site contains around 1000 posts with 5 custom taxonomy terms (along with categories and tags) and the site took a significant performance hit with the plugin enabled.

    Aside from this, the visualization is amazing. I wish it would display the Featured Image instead of the colored shape which would make it a more effective front-end tool for users.

    Additionally, it would be nice to be able to customize a shortcode for different visuals depending on specific taxonomies. Currently, you must select/deselect individual taxonomy terms in the global settings.

    The plugin allows you to visualize Users, Posts, and Taxonomies. I would like to see visualizations of relationships between taxonomies. I think this would be a very compelling use-case.

    This plugin is an amazing effort and can inspire potential for WP to be a metadata platform in addition to a CMS.

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