• Here is a slightly updated version to the wonderful code that @johanneseva wrote to stylize the footnote section to look more like a footnote section (smaller font, line above section, etc.) The only addition I made is to put a space (bottom margin) between the footnote line items. I also increased the line size itself from 1em to 1.2em for better readability.

    sup.footnote a {
    		  text-decoration: underline;
    		  vertical-align: super;
    		  font-weight: bold;
    		  font-size: 80%;
    		  padding-left: 0.3em;
    		.footnotedivider {
    		  width: 40%;
    		  padding-top: 0.8em;
    		  border-top: 1px solid #000;
    		.footnotes {
    			font-size: 72%;
    		.footnotes li {
    		  line-height: 1.2em;
    		  margin-bottom: 6px;

    I have been using this FD Plugin for a few years now. It is GREAT! Simple to use and just works.

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  • Can you specify where you would add this code? E.g. After what line of code and line number?

    And, if you indulge me for one more support question, I cannot make the plug-in work well. I cut and pasted text from Microsoft word with footnotes but I get classic cumbersome footnotes style (I get this [5], instead of the footnote being smaller and more on top and with no brackets as shown here https://wordpress.org/plugins/fd-footnotes/screenshots/). I have to manually enter the footnote to get the plugin style. Also, do you know if this plugin also works on non-blog pages, namely normal webpages? I ask because on normal webpages the footnote goes on footer of the page instead of the body of the page and makes it look very strange.


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    Sorry @igorgi. I just now saw this. I must not have been subscribed to the topic.

    You add the above code to your Child Theme Style Sheet (style.css). Or, if you are not using a child theme then you can probably add it to the CSS box in the Customizer.

    That said, I would still recommend making a child theme and adding it to that. Instructions for creating a child theme are here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes. It is very easy!

    Once you have made and activated a child them, go to your wordpress Dashboard/Appearance/Editor and add the above code to the style.css page in the editor.

    In answer to your other questions:

    1. The above code will make the footnote appear the right size for a footnote.
    2. Yes, you will have to enter the footnotes in the correct format at the end of the line where you want the number to appear. That is how this plugin works. It is not made to allow you to cut and paste from a Word document that contains footnotes. (There may be some plugin that does that but I do not know of one.)
    3. I do not understand the question about “normal webpages”. If you mean a page in WordPress, yes it should work. At least that is my assumption. I have not tried it. If you mean a webpage that is not done in WordPress then no, I doubt it would work. This is a WordPress plugin.
    4. Hope that helps. Please note that I am not the plugin author. I am just a user.

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