• I had a problem with an old Bible reference plugin and needed a good one, quick. This plugin (bVerse Convernt) did the job with simplicity and efficiency. I was able to customize it to my liking and deploy it in my blog.

    It also works with HTTPS and shows itself well in a mobile device (tested with the Firefox Focus browser).

    It says it is not tested with WP latest version at this time (5.1.x) but it works so far without problems. I wish the devs could test against this version so that the plugin does not get marked as untested.

    I would also suggest the Bible Gateway hover box to tone down a little bit in its branding. I chose Biblia.org due to this, although I usually prefer Bible Gateway.

    However, all these minor quibbles should not detract from the bottom line: it works at advertised, it is very good at that, and even more, it is a great plugin all-around. Recommended.

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