• I’d love to give this a 5 star review as it’s from the great BB team but it’s not quite there for me yet. I’ve been using a plugin that offers some of the same functionality for years (Assistant has a lot more to offer) and although this is definitely a time saver I’m finding that I need to do more clicks using this – a minimum of 2 to get anywhere (I’ve been spoilt with just one click from anywhere with the other plugin). Plus after clicking to view a page Assistant opens again so I need to click to close it which I find really frustrating. I’d also prefer to get rid of the big pencil in the top right and just have the “assistant” in the toolbar as I’m building a site with an ajax add to cart and it’s in exactly the same spot.
    I probably haven’t used it to its full potential yet so it may turn into 5 stars yet.
    I’ll probably continue to use my other time saving plugin because of the number of clicks it saves me. However on large e-commerce sites Assistant is the way forward as it doesn’t seem to preload the product links in the same way and whilst the other plugin crashed a very large e-commerce site, Assistant worked a treat.

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