• Works as mentioned. (Even the plugins vertical marquee/vertical marquee post title work excellent). Documentation is ZERO and aims at dragging the users to the site I believe! (You don’t need to dude. Your plugins are good enough! They will come by themselves.)
    All the author had to do was to add this in the instructions on the plugins admin panel:
    Drag and drop the widget.
    Add the plugin in the posts or pages using short code: [post-marquee] inside text view in editor
    Add directly in to the theme using PHP code: “<?php echo do_shortcode(‘ [post-marquee] ‘); ?>”

    1. The widget for this plugin is not visible at all in the widgets
    2. shortcode spelling is wrong inside the plugin. it is [post-marguee]. I have updated the file. if you haven’t use [post-marguee].

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