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    I have a so called “Premium” WP theme I bought for a client that is driving me nuts!

    I bought the theme from Theme Forest, I have used themes from there before with good success, but not this one! Here is the theme. I looked it over pretty well, the demo looked good, even came with tutorials on set up. It even has a reasonably well thought out control panel.

    What is driving me crazy is the “portfolio” pages. You make a post, assign it a category, and it is picked up by the portfolio page that has that category assigned to it. Simple, right?? No! I can not get this to work at all!

    I have been setting up a “demo” for my client so he can see visually how the site will work when finished, here’s what I have. I have two portfolio pages,”Catering” and “Venues.” I have made sample posts, the Catering posts for the Catering portfolio have the category “catering” applied to them. The Venues posts have the correct “venue” category applied to them as well. The problem is that they show up in in both portfolios, not separate as I want. They should not show up in each other’s portfolio page. Here’s my “development” area where I build site before migrating to their final home.

    This is not my first site, and not my first WP site, it is my first time using these category driven “portfolio” pages, am I doing something wrong??

    Now, I know you will say “Go back to the dude who made the theme.” I have, and he is of little help, basically he tells me the same steps I just outlined above. Add the fact he is from Turkey and his english is not so good, we have a great time communicating. (I didn’t notice the Turkey thing till AFTER I bought the theme.) His solution is for me to give him my login info and he will “fix” it for me. (not gonna happen!)

    I am supposed to demo this to my client tomorrow! Can I have some help? (you can even make fun of me if you like, just help)

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  • jrav001


    I would do an is_page query to find what page you are on then grab the content from that specific category.



    And I guess someone should have told me categories have ID numbers and where to find them! Found the category ID, put it in the right spot, and NOW it works! (live and learn my NEW motto)


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