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    I installed the free version of the header enhancement plugin and that works, but I wanted sound. I went Pro and received an incompatible zip.file on my plugin provider account. I have tried seeking help in their support forum and also issued a ticket. I have gotten no emails from the plugin provider, no order, payment or a ticket confirmation, nothing. Posts on forum are pending as waiting moderation. What can I do, my money they took straight away!

    WordPress version is compatible with the free version 1.7.4. But the zip.file I got is version 1.7.2 for the premium license.

    Edit: After many days I was finally answered and got the product working.

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    Finally got an answer to my thread on the support forum. The incompatible archive error is caused by WordPress core and it looks like it will be fixed in the upcoming update. 

    I got another zip.file to fix the problem and instructions how to apply theme differently. Did not work. But now I no longer can access my Catch Plugins account, got a message that my username or password is wrong, had to request a link to change my password. Did it. Still wrong access details. Did it again, still no access and now my IP is blogged from too many attempts to log in.

    Conveniently I can no longer contact the support from Catch Plugins, because forum is only available on logged in customers. And email came from donotreply address.

    Even 1 star is too much for this service!

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