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    So, not sure why but our gallery mysteriously vanished.
    When I go to list the galleries its just not there.
    Oddly, I checked in the database, and the post with post_type bwg_share is actually still there and still published. I need some assistance on figuring out where the hiccup is happening.

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    Dear @pframe,

    Would you please specify where exactly the galleries are missing, at the front or the back?
    If the galleries are published on the site and not showing there, please provide us with a link so we could see the page.

    Looking forward to having more details.





    When I say the list of galleries, I mean the backend one. But like I said, the custom post type still exists for it, so I’m really not sure why its not showing up.

    The galleries are missing on the front and backend. The images are still at /wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery
    We have not uninstalled the plugin. It is updated to Version 2.5.41

    Do you have any info on the format of the database tables so I can try and figure out whats wrong with it? Because as far as I can tell, its all in there… its just.. not showing up…

    Plugin Support Asya


    Dear @pframe and @moregood,

    We apologize for this belated response.

    For the questions regarding the Premium version, please contact our support team using the following form.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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