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[Resolved] Gallery again

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  • Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Markus,
    I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but things look like they are working properly. It appears you are doing great!

    • The roster table (shortcode) appears to be displaying correctly on the page you referenced.
    • The one player links correctly to the single player view.

    Now if what you are trying to do is get the player gallery (taxonomy) view to display, you DO NOT create a page. Your table page is a completely separate deal. You simply reference the taxonomy; something like:


    Lassen Sie mich wissen, wie es geht.


    Just FYI: In English “vermin” is a plural noun. There is no corresponding singular noun and “vermins” is not an English word.

    Hi Mark,
    das Ganze geht auch auf Deutsch? 🙂

    Wenn ich den oberen Link nehme, zeigt er mir ja wieder die Seite mit der Auflistung.
    Ich möchte aber gerne die Darstellung wie in Bild 6 der Screenshots.
    Also die Gallery. Und das bekomme ich nicht hin. Welchen Link muss ich dazu angeben oder wie rufe ich das Ganze auf?

    Das “s” ist einfach eingedeutsch, da es bei uns ja in der Mehrzahl fast immer angehängt wird und da haben wir uns vor über 20 Jahren dazu entscheiden es gegen die korrekte Schreibweise so zu verwenden. 🙂

    Schöne Grüße

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Markus,
    Ich denke das wir solten auf Englisch schreiben heir. So more can understand in case they have the same issue/question.

    Okay, I see that you are getting the table view on the page you referenced above. That means that the taxonomy-teams.php is NOT getting called. (See the WordPress Template Hierarchy (http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy)

    By inspecting your page (http://wp.vermins.de/teams/herren-landesliga/) I can see that the shortcode is being accessed because there are css elements like <table class=”mstw-tr-table”>. That makes it certain that [mstw-tr-roster] is lurking on the page that is being called. If you inspect http://shoalsummitsolutions.com/dev/teams/cal-bears/, the page that picture 6 came from, you’ll see very different CSS elements.

    (All assuming of course that you have not made HUGE modifications to the taxonomy-teams.php template to display a roster table rather than a player gallery.)

    So maybe you can try this:
    – Create a new team (with slug new-team, say) and create one new player on that team

    Then just type http://wp.vermins.de/teams/new-team/ into your browser and see what happens.

    Let me know how it goes.

    P.S. Das “s” ist sehr interessant. “Vermin” comes from the Latin word for worm, “vermis”, with a (nominative) plural of “vermes”, so whatever! 🙂

    Hi Mark,
    much thanx for your help.
    now it´s working. Just have to do some laout modifications, cause the gallery isn´t shown correctly, but thats caused by the theme. But it is shown! 🙂

    The Name came from one founder whose “Computer-Alias” was Vermins-Man. And that sounded good and exceptional to us, that we took “Vermin” with the german “s”. 🙂

    Very, very much thanx for your quick help!

    Best Regards

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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