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  • Hi There,

    thanks so much for porting the API to WordPress. Love it!
    I just gave it a test run and wondered what you’re plans are for the future. There’s a lot more possible. You’ve already got the integration working; how about bulk handle alle previous uploaded files, for instance?

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  • Plugin Author Prateek Kathal


    There are lots of plans for this. Multiple Upload from a single uploader as well as a file manager maybe. I think a got a little bit of what you are saying but I’d want you to elaborate a little bit more.. Maybe an example?

    Thanks for your remarks. Please rate the plugin.


    It’s awesome to see that someone is working on this (so I don’t have to :P).

    I’m looking for alternatives to EWWW Image Optimizer since my client’s shared hosting doesn’t like exec().

    However, for a client it’s not really feasible to have to go to a custom uploader – what I’m looking for is to have this plugin integrated with WordPress’ Media Library so that all PNG files that are uploaded are automatically compressed and overwritten. And all size variations and possible retina versions (if you use the WP Retina plugin) would also need optimizing.

    Is this something that you would consider adding to this plugin? I also see in the other topic that you are planning JPG support – may I ask what service, if any, you are planning to integrate?

    Plugin Author Prateek Kathal


    Hi Marcus, Thanks for dloading this and appreciating the work(coz mostly people just download the plugin)… 😛

    Ok, now for the things you asked. First of all, I did have a plan like that in my mind. But then I thought that if I integrate it with the WordPress Uploader, then the other images that it creates(resizing it etc etc) might also be optimized by TinyPNG. This way, it’ll lead to a hell lot of wastage and might just cross your limit for the max no. of images for you account. There is one way to stop it… but a lot of mind will have to be put into it and right now I am having my exams(so, I didn’t really start working on it)

    Secondly, for the JPG support, I planned only on playing with the compression level of those photos. I might put jpegtran to use but I then again, like I said, I am busy with my exams.

    Don’t worry, I’ll definitely start working on it soon. More and more features will get added, but I feel that will take a little time(maybe by the end of Jan).

    Thanks again, Please rate the plugin. 🙂

    Just a random idea, but would it be an idea to contact the guys behind TinyPNG? I can imagine their open for WordPress implementations with different limits, since a broad use of a wordpress plugin will boost their sales at some point…

    Plugin Author Prateek Kathal


    @dhunink Ummm….. What?

    This is not an official plugin, But I did contact the guys behind TinyPNG to notify them about the plugin. And as this is not official, they wont be looking up for any support on WordPress. I’ll be the one handling this plugin, so just report your issues here and i’ll help you with them.

    And also, I didn’t get any reply to my question to you? Please reply to it so I can look into it and enhance the plugin features.


    Hi Kakashihatake2, I dod not respond earlier cause the post from Marcus kind of covered my thoughts and I forgot about it afterwards.
    But I do own you a clearer explanation of my thoughts about bulk uploading. What I had in mind is something that the plugin does right now. In the media library there’s a button ‘smush this’ for every upload. But furthermore you’ll find a submenu ‘Bulk’ under the media tap. That’s something worth integrating.

    To tackle the day-limit of TinyPNG, you could add a bulk page with a setting on top of the page where each format (thumb, medium etc) is selectable, so that only the selected version of images will go through TinyPNG. Does that make sense?

    It’s disappointing to see that the guys from TinyPNG won’t be elaborating on your plugin. I know there are several non-official plugging for services, where the services support that plugin by providing different limits of API access for that wordpress plugin, while in return the Plugin Author provides links to paid plans of the service in their plugin. For instance, W3 Total Cache works that way with many different services, such as MaxCDN

    Plugin Author Prateek Kathal


    Thanks @dhunink. I’ll surely look into it. My exams are gonna end by this end of this week. I’ll start working on it after it.

    I’ll be adding the bulk images feature first and later I might extend it with JPG compression.

    @kakashihatake2 YW. If you’d like a critical or feedback view on the progress once in a while, I’ll be happy to assist you (DM for mail or Skype details). Good Luck with your Exams!

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