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  • Hey, sorry that this is more of a PHP question than a WordPress one but I figured that you guys might have run into the same problem and could provide a quick answer.
    Anyway, I’m moving my site over to WordPress (from Movabletype) and my PHP skills are rudimentary at best. I also run phpBB, and as part of my main index page I’m attemping to include a “latest post” type of thing (using a plugin for phpBB). The problem is this: one of the files necessary for this to work (either in the plugin code or phpBB itself, not sure which) declares a get_userdata() function, which it can’t actually do since WordPress already does.
    In short, is there any way to make use of a namespace (like in C/C++) or some other such workaround that can alleviate this problem?

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  • In case anyone else has the same problem:

    i solved it by modifying the phpbb files and renamed the two functions that conflict with WP.

    i used “grep” and “replace” command line utils to find and replace strings in multiple files.

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