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    I quite like it as is. It doesn’t create the “information overload” that so many sites seem to use. But then I’m a big believer in “more = less” in site design generally. 🙂

    What about the colors and graphics? Should I add a background Image?

    What do you feel when you enter the page?

    I think the actual homepage is okay, maybe you need a little more and only a few additional (SMALL) pictures but if you left it like it is, it would be okay still. I think it’s the actual “read more” link that brings you into information overload!

    The home page looks ok! From the SEO or conversion perspective… the level of conversion is low… I mean, it’s good to see the complete page in a single go and I don’t have to scroll down the page for further information but the colors are little dull that makes to bounce away…
    Few things where you should work on are:
    1. Page time load
    2. Color theme
    3. Clear call to actions

    Thanks for comments guys,

    Martinmich; where Can I add small pics? Tabs already have pics, should I have a background image? I just realized that the text is not formatted when you click read more… I will work on it. Thanks a lot

    superb1; I agree with you, the color is dull… What do you suggest?
    1.How do you test page time load? I think godaddy is not doing goood…
    2.I ll work on color theme
    3. What do you mean by call to actions?

    You could put them in the right sidebar, only one or two or you would definitely overdue it. Or you could put small(er) pictures in the footer aligned to the right. Maybe social icons? Something to attract focus onto that side of the website. Since the main focus is on the left, I really don’t even bother reading the sidebar links.

    Also you can test page time load on several websites by just googling it, or with coding software if you have any.

    Hi MartinMich,

    Do you suggest to have social media button at front page or in posts?

    Can you suggest any page to check page load time?


    I think its good to have social media buttons on front page as well as all inner pages, its easier for visitors to share.

    Reason being, if they see it on any inner pages, they will click to share that page. I don’t think anyone will go back to your main page just to click on your social media icons.

    The page is alive!

    The colors look so cold to me! Any suggestions to make the UI more friendly, warm and look like a newspaper page?

    I got this message when trying to look at your page.

    avast! blocked you from visiting an infected webpage

    Is there anyone else get that message?

    Everything looks OK for me!

    I got the warning also. Avast is detecting:

    I cleaned the i-frame injection. A script was creating bulk code at header of plugin files.

    It looks like I cleaned it, anyone sees any problems?

    Biraz yavaş ama…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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